Opentoe Peepshow Salon #16: Dandy Vagabonds [Baltimore] Ezra Nepon [Philly], Dakota Russell & LGBTQ student video from Tribeca Film Institute!

Opentoe Peepshow Salon #16 is this Sunday May 4!

TheDandyVagabondsThe Dandy Vagabonds are a Baltimore based pair of curious, playful artists who thrive on telling stories of whimsy, adventure, insight & balance …

June 2: Opentoe Peepshow #8

Sunday June 2, 8pm *sharp* @ Branded Saloon. $3–10.

THE FINAL OPENTOE PEEPSHOW OF THE 2012-2013 SERIES features Danielle Abrams, Chavisa, Sequinette, Heather Acs, Alejandro Rodriguez & Felice Shays!

Borscht_sour cream copyDanielle Abrams’ performances are assembled atop a lineage of …