Glitter & Grit: Queer Performance from the Heels on Wheels Femme Galaxy

Edited by: Damien Luxe, Heather María Ács and Sabina Ibarrola
Curatorial Collective: Alejandro Rodriguez, Andrea Glik, Lizxnn Disaster, Mette Loulou von Kohl, Nicole Myles

Second Edition now out as of December 2016!

WINNER of a 2015 Lambda Literary Award for LGBT Anthology!

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Publication Date: December 2015 — Second Edition out December 2016!
Published by: Publication Studio, Portland USA

Featuring writing and art by:

  • Alejandro Rodriguez
  • Alex Cafarelli
  • Alexander Alvina Chamberland
  • Alvis Parsley/Alvis Choi
  • Amber Dawn
  • Andrea Glik
  • Anna Joy Springer
  • Annah Anti-Palindrome
  • Annie Danger
  • Ariel “Speedwagon” Federow
  • Ashley Young
  • Azure D. Osborne-Lee
  • Bekezela Mguni
  • Bevin Branlandingham
  • Caitlin Rose Sweet
  • Candice Iloh
  • Celeste Chan
  • Cristy C. Road
  • Damien Luxe
  • Drae Campbell
  • Ezra Berkley Nepon
  • Foxy E. Squire
  • Gigi Frost
  • Glenn Marla
  • Hana Malia
  • Hannah Morrow aka Lilac Poussez
  • Heather María Ács
  • Johnny Forever Nawracaj
  • Kama La Mackerel
  • Kay Ulanday Barrett
  • Kentucky Fried Woman
  • Kirya Traber
  • Kit Yan
  • Leah Horlick
  • Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
  • Lettie Laughter
  • Matthew de Leon /Untitled Queen [cover artist]
  • Mée Rose + Leanne Powers
  • Melanie Keller
  • Meliza Bañales/Missy Fuego
  • Michelle Embree
  • Muggs Fogarty
  • Nomy Lamm
  • Sabina Ibarrola
  • Samantha Galarza
  • Sassafras Lowrey
  • Siobhan Katherine Flood
  • Shira Erlichman
  • Shomi Noise
  • Sophie Spinelle
  • Sossity Chiricuzio
  • sunny drake
  • the dandy vagabonds
  • The Miracle Whips
  • Tina Horn
  • T.L. Cowan
  • Rosza Daniel Lang/Levitsky
  • YaliniDream
  • Zachary Wager Scholl
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