J15: event notes

SAFER SPACES Means to me…
•    Kindness
•    No racism, no sexism, no bullshit,
•    Respecting and using my pronoun preference
•    active, engaged verbal consent
•    listening and learning and trying not to make assumptions about people

DEBRIEF from Break out groups
•    Femmes and Fucking!
-power/dynamics->relation to dynamic isolation->solidarity within struggles
Coming out and intersection
-fit in…labels, contradictions, transitional
-“where is my box?” isolation/community
-translator   -telling stories   -pain of compromise/self-policing
-“femmespectation” from home communities
•    Class/economics
-femme is expensive? what is the relationship between identity and wealth?
-gender within shelter systems
-radical history of today buried in history
-taking car, inclusive
•    Bodies
-health at every size
-how do we celebrate our bodies? dancing, shoes, comfortable shoes, burlesque
-child experience, new relation to children, how do we teach children to love their bodies
•    Femmes and Aging
-youth/aging-> under 21; 30s and 40s
-acceptance for ‘norm’ activities-> families

SUITCASE to be discussed later
Passing-how do we examine safety and affirmation
Distinction between  specific femme or passing privilege and other kinds of privilege. Are these the same for others?
Passing and privilege are not consistently correlated, the correlation is more situational
How does one come out as femme?
struggling with personal responsibility to educate and need for safety
“the better I think I look, the more fearful I am public space.”
Femme dating femme-high levels invisibility.

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