Roadshow 2013

The Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow is entering its fourth year, touring March & April, 2013!

Where and when’s the Roadshow? Check out our calendar here, or see our Facebook page.

Who’s on the Roadshow? Performers are listed here.

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PERFORMERS [2013 tour]

Click each performers’ photo to see a video of them talking about tour and for their full bio…

DLuxe_nmyles-webDAMIEN LUXE [performer East & West coasts, co-producer] is a Brooklyn-based queer femme, liberationist artist, writer, multi-media producer, and activist… Dee_nmyles-webADELAIDE WINDSOME [performer West coast] , also known as GEPPETTA, is a queer fabulist, multimedia puppeteer, and activist… Shomi_nmyles-webSHOMI NOISE [performer East & West coasts] is a musician, DJ, zine writer, and a self–proclaimed music nerd…
Vag_nmyles-webThe LADY MS VAGINA JENKINS [performer West coast] has been gracing stages across the world for the last ten years… xoxo FEMMETASTIC FEMMESPIRATIONAL FEMMEPOWERMENT xoxo Bevin_nmyles-webBEVIN BRANLANDINGHAM’s [performer East coast] mission is to make the world a safe place for people to love themselves…
HEATHER M. ÁCS is a multi-media theatre performance artist, activist, educator and high-femme troublemaker...HEATHER M. ÁCS [performer East & West coasts, co-producer] is a multi-media theatre performance artist, activist, educator and high-femme troublemaker… Kirya_nmyles-webKIRYA TRABER [performer East coast]is a nationally awarded performer and writer.. … Lizxnn_nmyles-webLIZXNN DISASTER [tech & roadie extraordinaire, East & West coasts] is a vagabond, currently back home in New York City…

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Co-producer Damien Luxe, a media justice activist and multimedia artist, says of the performers’ relationships to social justice, “We travel with our work in order to connect each other and local folks with intra-community liberation strategies and to develop, as a complicated community, visions of a world we want to live in. To paraphrase the brilliant Toni Cade Bambara, we hope to make the revolution look irresistable — by presenting art that supports each other’s self-determination and brilliance, we start to radically re-vision a world we can survive and thrive in — a world that deserves art and which needs all kinds of people making it.”

Co-producer Heather Acs, a New York City teaching artist and theatre performer, says of the performers, “Touring with multi-disciplinary artists who work professionally in a variety of media means that we can share strategies from Theatre of the Oppressed to DIY, from ukelele chords to community forums to bring a combination of glitter, gender justice and engaged art.” The roadshow gathers performers with backgrounds & experiences including folks who are working class, poor, professional, and sex workers; folks with graduate-level education and people who are self-taught; mestiza, immigrants, border-crossers and white folks; survivors, organizers, and educators. “Getting to shake up all this experience and celebrate the creativity that comes out is what storytelling and community art is about.”

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