Heels on Wheels is an award-winning, queer femme-inine spectrum arts organization running 7 years strong in Brooklyn. Heels on Wheels (HOW) is multiracial, multi-generational & working-class led; committed to anti-oppression in both our art and organizing.

HOW produced an annual tour across the U.S. and Canada, a monthly queer artists’ salon in Brooklyn, and won a LAMBDA Literary Award for their anthology, Glitter & Grit: Queer Performance from the Heels on Wheels Femme Galaxy, a cross-disciplinary collection of over 60 intersectional queer artists. Glitter & Grit is available for purchase at these retailers or online.

The Heels on Wheels is a NYC-based queer arts group. We produced an annual tour 2010-2014, a monthly salon 2012-2015, an award-winning anthology, and multiple one-off events with our many queer communities across the U.S. and Canada.


Heels on Wheels is a group of interdisciplinary performing artists who create performance-based cultural works and community events produced from sites of femme/inine-positive queer embodiment to reveal power in under-represented communities.

Our mission is to use theatre to incite wonder, joy, critique, and dialogue; to bring visibility and complexity to diverse experiences; and to strengthen LGBTQ cultural communities in NYC and across the USA. As a multiracial & working-class led queer organization, we commit to anti-oppression and activism as art, as well as in our art.

Learn about our core organizing crew here || See artists who’ve toured with us here.


Heels on Wheels started as a Glitter Roadshow in 2010 out of the desire of two artists, friends, and activists Heather Acs and Damien Luxe to Live The Dream — and to share the DIY philosophy behind The Dream across the US with political art works, regardless of their lack of traditional supports like, ya know, money. In the video below, hear about the show, Living the Dream, and the herstory and philosophy behind it all:

Fueled by the conviction that queer, feminine-spectrum folks’ art works are critically important to share, the Glitter Roadshow has gathered many collaborators and friends, and become an annual spectacular of femme power and community that is 100% femme powered.

As well as curating a traveling show, Heels on Wheels [HOW] curates art and community events in New York City, including the monthly Opentoe Peepshow salon, and hostesses community dialogues about marginality [in terms of gender, class, race] and art and activism while touring. In 2011 HOW curated the Mixploratorium closing party at La Mama Galleria, and in 2012, HOW co-organized the Beyond Visibility: Illuminating and Aligning Femmes in NYC community event.

Heels on Wheels is a queer, working-class led organization committed to anti-oppression and a liberatory, radical, feminist, transformative framework to our work. Contact us to bring our show to you here, see more about the touring artists here, and see when we’re coming to your town here.

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