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“The Heels on Wheels Roadshow is a glorious campaign to put femininity in the spotlight. I totally applaud and approve. It is a delicious combination touring glitterati and local sparkle that showcases some serious queer talent. Don’t let them pass you by!”
Lois Weaver, Obie-Award Winning Performer, Lecturer Queen Mary University of London

“Damien and Heather offer so much joy, inspiration and creative femme magic in this presentation. Queers, femmes, writers, trouble makers, and artists of all sorts will learn from their art, stories, questions, and fun exercises. You will leave wanting to paint, dance, go on tour, write, and share all of our collective brilliance with others.” – Haley Koch, University of North Carolina student, March 2010

“So much femme magic. They used movement and told stories but not in simple narrative. They loved us and they were tender and sincere and over the top and manic and made up and hard as diamonds and broken all at the same time…Thank you for making my world feel so much more possible.To living the dream!” — Audience comment, 2010.

“This workshop was a great occasion to get together and empower one another. It is great to be inspired that we ARE doing something, not just that we CAN do something. I’m so glad y’all touched on there being enough for everyone and that the politics of cool is a hierarchy that locks us out of each other. The free write allowed me to have something concrete that will bridge the inspiration I have here into the next step of doing something.” – Victoria Facelli, Duke student 2010

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