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IMG_2259…With Heels on Wheels: September announcements!

The Opentoe Peepshow is back! Now with even more thought-provoking glamour! Starting Sunday Oct 5, we’re at Branded Saloon the first Sunday of each month. We’re kicking off our season with a bang featuring the soprano stylings of Sparklez, tap dancing by Luz Cruz, drag by Leah James, art by conceptual crafter Caitlin Rose + more gay shenanigans TBA!

We’re editing an anthology! A REAL LIVE BOOK, y’all!  If you’ve *ever* performed with us at any show, whether or not you identify as femme, you’re eligible to submit — the deadline is in October tho so if you wanna get published you gotta get on it boo! Details & send your stuff here!

We’re not booking a tour in 2015! We’re taking a break to work on our book and other exciting projects. We *are* still available for a limited number of college or community shows though, so if you want to book us please do reach out. Info here or email

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