Opentoe Peepshow #20: Kama La Mackerel, rosza daniel lang/levitsky, Luz Cruz, Lena Solow, Alexis Clements, and more!

Kama La Mackerel is a performance artist, community organizer and cultural critic whose work draws on the themes of feminism, queerness, alienation, displacement, colonization and failures.



A poet, story-teller, dancer, comedian, and video artist, Kama is also the co-founder of Qouleur, an annual arts festival by and for queer Indigenous and racialized communities in Montreal, and is the founder and host of GENDER B(L)ENDER, Montreal’s unique monthly queer open mic. Kama is presently working on a story-telling project that seeks to redeem their trans-ness from colonial trauma. Other important facts about Kama La Mackerel include: they love drinking tea, reading Francophone literature, masturbating, and wearing elaborate fascinators. ,

rosza daniel lang/levitsky is a cultural worker and organizer who has been performing in NYC since the last century. Never figured out how to make art for art’s sake; rarely wants to work alone.


Recent joys have included “Hysterical Translations” at Dixon Place; J Dellecave’s “Angry Women REvisited”; “The Greatest Show On Earth In a Cardboard Box” with Ariel Speedwagon Federow; and “Blow Job (repeated)” at the MIX Festival.  Ongoing commitments remain the Critical Reperformance series; the Aftselokhes Spectacle Committee’s Purim Extravaganzas; JUST LIKE THAT frontline choreography initiative; and a whole lot of Carl Van Vechten.  la salute è in voi – dos gezunt iz in dir


Alexis Clements is a writer, (frustrated) swimmer, and bird and turtle enthusiast. She mostly writes plays and arts journalism, but there are other things too, like erotica (under a pseudonym). Her plays and writing have been produced and published in the US and UK, and her articles have appeared in a number of places. She’s also working on a documentary and play reading project about queer women’s spaces called The Unknown Play Project. But one of the things she’s feel most excited about these days is the awesome group of queers that are part of the writing group she helped start.




More photos and bios coming soon! Stay tuned…

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