Shomi Noise

Shomi NoiseShomi Noise is a musician, DJ, zine writer, and a self–proclaimed music nerd. She is heavily influenced by Riot Grrrl, D.I.Y., and Queercore sounds of the 90s and likes to mix these genres up with Southern Crunk music, top 40 pop, electro, house, hip-hop, reggae, and anything else that gets people dancing. Shomi Noise is known for creating interesting and catchy song mashups and has DJed in various different venues throughout New York City.

A part-time drag queen and full time queer grrrl, she also currently sings and plays guitar in a queer grrrl punk band and is working on the 4th volume of her zine, which narrates some of her lived experiences based on the intersectionality of culture, race, class, sexuality and punk rock.

Shomi’s work is best described as sassy, fun, musically eclectic, punk/riot grrrl inspired, and d.i.y.

This is Shomi’s third Heels on Wheels Roadshow.

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