BRIC Stoop Series, April 17, 2018

Heels on Wheels hosts an evening celebrating the power and passion of queer femme artist-organizers at BRIC’s Stoop Series in April!

The event’s guiding question is:

How do these powerhouses balance their own artistic careers, while producing events that shine the spotlight on the incredible talents of their community members?

Join us for an evening of work by Shannon Matesky (Queer Abstract), Shomi Noise (Riot Chica), and the co-creators of Heels on Wheels, Heather María Ács and Damien Luxe.

Performances range from theatre, music, spoken word, and drag to literary arts, film, and multimedia, representing a variety of intersectional identities, including mixed race, poc, immigrant, poor, working-class, sex workers, and people of all abilities.

Performances will be followed by a panel on art making and arts organizing. RSVP directly with BRIC here.

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