Introducing How To Build a Fire

Hi all, and welcome to the Boxcutter’s Teaching Artist Tour site, with information about our upcoming US/Canada tour dates and presentation.Damien_Heather_LAFeb09

Boxcutter is a Brooklyn-based creative production alliance between Hadassah Damien and Heather Ács in order to produce community performance events. We go beyond “thinking outside the box” and instead actively build new narratives through art and education.

As teaching artists, performers and activists, we’re so excited to present our work in a format that can be brought live to colleges, community centers, student groups and more. And as people who identify as working-class, anti-racist white people, people of color,  hustling-class, genderqueer, cisgendered, trans, femme, survivors…we’re proud to include our stories and viewpoints in our art and our approaches to teaching.

Click above for info about us, our performances, workshops and how to bring us to your city.


Hadassah + Heather

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